I am currently finishing a M.Sc in Digital Media Engineering at Technical University of Denmark. My graduation date will be by the end of August 2015. Most of my university work has been about 3D computer vision with depth cameras, Real-time computer graphics, Physically based rendering and Social data analysis using machine learning and graph analysis. Many of my projects have been enhanced through GPU computing and parallelization.

At the time of writing I am doing my master thesis “Tangible Digital 3D Modeling” in which I develop an augmented reality system for 3D modeling using physical building blocks and a Kinect V2 depth camera.

Before university I was employed in the visual effects and animation industry. I have an education from CVK as a Digital Animator. Working as a 3D animator and Technical Director I quickly discovered that my main interest lies in the more technical problems. Which motivated me to take a B.Sc in Software Engineering. Alongside my studies I run a one man consulting company (Developer’s Tree House), where I have provided solutions for efficient graph analysis, web based applications and human-computer interaction.

My general weapons of choice are Python, C++, Linux, Mathlab, CUDA, OpenCL, JavaScript and HTML5. Some of the software libraries I work with are ROS, Point Cloud Library (PCL), OpenCV, KinFu (Kinect Fusion), Qt, Angular JS, Pandas, SciPy, SciKit-Learn NetworkX, Apache, MySQL and Mong

See my LinkedIn profile for a more detail CV