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Guess its been a while, a quick update.

After the end of the Discoworms production i wanted to try somtheting new. This lead to me starting at  DTU (Technical University of Denmark ) where i am now well underway with a bachelor degree in software technology.

I have also updated the CV on this site, and added a twitter widget in the right panel. Hopefully this will create a bit of life on this blog.

I will try to do a bit more updates from now on.

Disco Worms Trailer

Yes the movie have finished, go see it from the 10th of October

Worms can boogie too!

Updates on my CV

Check out the new updates on my cv here


Drive Time



I have put up a seperate blog over at for my posts about the SKAPPS system.½

Sune Kempf

My friend and college Sune Kemp have set up a blog over at he is a real rigging guro so check him out

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